Content Migration from Moodle to Canvas

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When migrating content from Moodle to Canvas, you can choose all or specific content. The basic steps to do so are outlined below, followed by detailed instructions for each.


  • Select ALL Moodle content, to make sure you don't miss anything, and delete/hide content at the Canvas site.
  • If you have quiz question banks, be sure to select ALL Moodle content.


  1. Create a Backup/mbz file of your Moodle site
  2. Download and save the mbz file to your computer
  3. Import the mbz file into your Canvas site

Step 1: Create a Backup file of your Moodle site

Click "+" button to see instructions.

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Go to your Moodle site (you do not need to turn on editing):

  • From the Administration block
    • go to Course administration
    • click on Backup
  • Opens to page: 1. Initial Settings
    • under Backup settings, click the blue Next button

(You shouldn’t have to do anything at this page other than click Next - leave the boxes that have been checked “as is” and don’t check any unselected boxes.)

  • Opens to page: 2. Schema settings

Under Include:

  • The boxes for every item and user data are checked (selected) by default
  • Leave all User data boxes checked - student data is automatically removed during this process (unless you posted the student’s work, then that will need to be removed manually)
    • TIP REMINDER: Leave all content selected to ensure you don’t miss any items - you can always delete/hide content at the Canvas site.
  • To deselect an entire section (and all its items), click on the checkbox next to the section’s name (e.g. “Week 1”)
  • To deselect items, click an item’s checkbox

When finished, click the blue Next button.

Opens to page: 3. Confirmation and review

  • Skip the Filename and Backup settings sections at top
  • Under the Included items section: double-check that the content you would like to be included in the backup file is indicated with a green checkmark.

When finished, click the blue Perform backup button.

Allow some time for processing (process time will vary depending on amount of content).

After backup has been performed, the next page you should see is 5. Complete, showing the message: The backup file was successfully created. Click Continue.

Step 2: Download the mbz file to your computer

Now you should be at the page: Import a backup file

  • Locate the mbz file from the list under Course backup area (should be at top of the list, the one with the most recent day/time stamp.)
  • Click the Download link (to right of the file name)
  • Save the file to your computer.

Step 3: Import the mbz file into your Canvas site

From your Canvas site, click on Settings at bottom of the Course Navigation menu

  • From the Course settings page, go to the right sidebar, click on Import Content into this Course
  • At the Import Content page
  • Content Type: select Moodle 1.9/2.x from the drop-down menu
  • Source: click Choose File - browse to and select the mbz file on your computer
  • Skip Default Question bank
  • Content: select All content
  • Skip Options
  • Click the blue Import button

Allow for some time to process (import time varies depending on amount of content).

When finished processing, completion will show under Current Jobs as green, or yellow if there are any error messages.

Hide/delete/reorder content on the Canvas site as needed.