Creating a PDF from a File

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Learn how to create a PDF from a digital file or application already on your computer. Note: this article assumes you do not have Adobe Acrobat Pro installed which is a great tool for creating PDFs.

Microsoft Office Users (Mac and Windows)

PDF creation is built-in to new versions of Microsoft Office

  1. From any MS Office Document go File > Save As
  2. Choose PDF from the File Format dropdown

Mac Users

PDF creation is built-in to the Mac OS. You do not need any special software installed.

  1. From any application on your Macintosh go File > Print
  2. From the PDF drop-down menu (lowerleft) choose "Save as PDF"
  3. Enter the filename and location to save your pdf
  4. Click Save to create and save your pdf

Create a PDF on MS Windows

Option 1 - Windows 10 has print to PDF built-in.

  • From any app choose File > Print > Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Using an older version of WIndows? Try some of the options below.

Option 2 - Use a program's built-in Export to PDF

  • Google Chrome, MS Office and LibreOffice all have the ability to Export or Save As PDF built-in to the application.

Option 3 - Install a PDF Printer like CutePDFWriter.

  • Be sure to uncheck the Ask Toolbar and other bloatware while installing.