Creating a PDF from a File

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Learn how to create a PDF from a digital file or application already on your computer.

Note: this article assumes you do not have Adobe Acrobat Pro installed which is a great tool for creating PDFs.

Microsoft Office Users (Mac and Windows)

PDF creation is built-in to new versions of Microsoft Office

  1. From any MS Office Document go File > Save As
  2. Choose PDF from the File Format dropdown
  3. Click on the Options button and make sure the Document structure tags for accessibility and Create bookmarks using Headings checkboxes are checked.

Mac Users

PDF creation is built-in to the Mac OS. You do not need any special software installed.

  1. From any application on your Macintosh go File > Print
  2. From the PDF drop-down menu (lowerleft) choose "Save as PDF"
  3. Enter the filename and location to save your pdf
  4. Click Save to create and save your pdf

Create a PDF on MS Windows

Option 1 - Windows 10 has print to PDF built-in.

  • From any app choose File > Print > Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Using an older version of WIndows? Try some of the options below.

Option 2 - Use a program's built-in Export to PDF

  • Google Chrome, MS Office and LibreOffice all have the ability to Export or Save As PDF built-in to the application.