DMCA Notice and Policy

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The Evergreen State College is required to respond to Digital Millennium Copyright Act claims placed by copyright holders. These notices are sent to the institution when a user on our network has been flagged for sharing copyrighted material. The following actions will be taken when a claim is filed.


  • Computing and Communications Staff will review the report sent by the copyright holder.
  • The device in question may be blocked from accessing our network
  • Computing and Communications Staff will work to find a username associated with the activity
  • The person associated with the machine will be warned in the following manner

First Infraction

  • Owner of the device in question is asked to cease and desist all peer to peer activity associated with the copyrighted material
  • Owner of the device ackowledges that repeat infractions may result in referall to the Student Conduct Officer and the device may be permanently blocked from accessing Evergreen Networks
  • Once the owner has acknowledged this information, their device will be allowed back on the network

Repeat Infractions

  • Repeated DMCA reports or infractions will result in referral to the Student Conduct Officer
  • This may result in the permanent block of the device from accessing the Evergreen Network