Evaluation Status Definitions

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There are many steps in developing and processing an evaluation. Below are definitions of different statuses that can take place during processing. In many cases multiple statuses are possible for a single evaluation.

Most common steps and their status:

  • Faculty enters the evaluation online. (In Progress)
  • They submit it to the program secretary for transcript review. (Review)
  • The program secretary reviews and posts the evaluation. (Posted)

All statuses are shared with the faculty, student and staff who have access to the evaluation.

No Status Listed: If there is no status indicated, this means the faculty has not entered the evaluation into the online evaluation system.

In Progress: Faculty has started and is currently working on a student’s evaluation and has not turned it to the program secretary. Faculty have two weeks from the end of the quarter to turn in all evaluations of their students.

Review: Faculty has turned in the evaluation to the program secretary to review for transcript readiness. Transcript readiness review can take up to 30 days after it has been turned in and locked by the faculty member.

Correction: Faculty, a program secretary, or registration and records staff have unlocked the evaluation for editing. It is the faculty member’s responsibility to make edits and turn in the evaluation again.

Return: Faculty has returned the evaluation to the program secretary after making a correction.

Posted (CRE): Credit has been awarded and a final locked version of the evaluation of the student has been submitted to their academic record.

Incomplete Requested (INCR): Faculty has turned in an incomplete to a student and is awaiting the student’s acknowledgment of the work to be completed. It is up to the faculty’s discretion for how long they will leave an incomplete in this state.

Incomplete (INC): Student has acknowledged the work to be completed and a mutually agreed upon due date for when the student’s work is to be submitted to the faculty. This status is not removed until final credit is posted.

No Credit: Student has received no credit for the offering.

Withdrawn: When a student has dropped registration for the offering after the 10th day within the quarter.

Amend Transcript: Registration and records staff is reviewing a revised evaluation. Because an original evaluation and award of credit has already been posted to the student's record, a transcript or degree may have been issued. The changes in the revised evaluation may not be approved if transcripts containing the original evaluation cannot be retrieved or destroyed, or if the changes affect the basis of the awarded degree.

Rush: Student has requested their transcript online with a hold for outstanding credit to post.