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Faculty Sponsors, this is a complete guide for your workflow in the updated Individual Study Program. If you are having trouble, please let us know at help.evergreen.edu.

Reviewing Draft Contract and Providing Feedback

  • To review a student's draft contract they must first, on their end, select "Send Draft"
  • Login at my.evergreen.edu and click on Individual Study under your Faculty menu
  • This screen displays all current and past contracts you have sponsored. Note their status on the right for future reference.
  • Click on the title of the contract in question
  • Review the content by scrolling through the page
  • You may review the students Academic History by clicking on the Academic History button at the top of the contract view
  • Provide Feedback by clicking on any of the speech bubble icons
  • Comments are immediately available to the student, there is no secondary step to send them

How to Review for Petition

As a sponsor you may need to provide a faculty statement of support for a student who needs a policy exception for their contract. For example, a student may not have attempted enough credits to meet prior academic program enrollment policy for Individual Study.

  • To review their petition, login to my.evergreen.edu and click on Individual Study
  • To review their academic history to help make your decision, find the "Academic History" button at the top of the contract view page
  • Click on the title of the ILC/INT
  • Follow the on screen prompts as shown below

Providing Approval

o Review content o Review other approvers o Review and complete (or not) statement for petition o Review Activity Log o Review Academic History

Other Approvers