Collect Feedback On Your Contract

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The Individual Study System allows for feedback from your sponsors to be immediately reviewed.

Remember you must login to check on the status of your contract. You will not be notified of any received feedback.

Send your Draft for Feedback

A screenshot of the "Collect Feedback" option that becomes available after completing all the "Define your Contract" tasks.
  • Click on Share Contract.
  • Type a short message to your faculty and any field supervisors and subcontractors.
  • Press "Send draft for review" to share your contract and short message.
  • You can continue to edit your contract at this stage.
  • If you have a field supervisor or sub-contractor, make sure the email you list for them in your contract is the same email they sign up with to get their Evergreen individual study sponsor account.
  • If your field supervisor/sub-contractor did use the correct email, let the Deans know what username your field supervisor/sub-contractor is using. They may have been mistaken for as a spam application.

Review Feedback

A screenshot of the Individual Study System summary page if a contract has received new feedback.
  • When someone leaves feedback, comments are immediately viewable
  • Login to and click on Individual Study Contracts to quickly view your contract's status
  • Look for "new" under the feedback column
  • Click on the title of your contract
  • Click View Feedback
  • Feedback is denoted by a yellow box
  • Make any changes if you receive any and send your draft for review again