Study Abroad Contracts

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Students who are planning contracts that include travel outside the US or its Territories during the dates of the planned quarter(s) are required to complete the following prior to receiving contract approval. This process requires time and planning. You may attend a Study Abroad Workshop provided by the office of Academic Advising and/or meet with the Coordinator of International Programs in Academic Advising as part of your preparation.

  1. Study Abroad Preparations Checklist: Students should download a copy of this Checklist to ensure they have appropriately planned for their study abroad experience. This list contains useful resources, databases, and information to help you have a successful experience. This piece is informational, and not a required form to submit for approval.Preparations Checklist
  2. Arrange for and consult with your Faculty Sponsor. Discuss the goals, activities, and details of your contract with your sponsor. Once you have formally submitted your contract for approval in the online system, your Faculty Sponsor will need to complete a formal approval. Note that for Internship Contracts, you will need the approval of your Field Supervisor as well.
  3. Travel Waiver: (Study Abroad Enrollment Agreement, Waiver, Release, and Indemnity Agreement) This form also entails getting a signature form Registration & Records regarding your emergency contact information. Travel Waiver
  4. Student Health Review Form: A self-review form regarding your health, medications, etc. This may entail follow up with regard to Health Management or Accommodations Plans. Health Form
  5. U.S. State Department Country Information Pages: Review and print out the expanded version of these pages for each country you will be traveling in. You may print these Two Pages per Sheet and Back-to-Back in order to conserve paper. Country Information Pages
  6. Proof of Medical Insurance: You must show evidence of medical insurance that will cover you while studying abroad. It must include travel accident, illness, medical evacuation, and repatriation of remains coverages. Hard copy or electronic evidence is acceptable, and should be brought to the required Study Abroad Pre-departure Orientation Workshop. See Page 4 of the Preparations Checklist for Insurance options.
  7. Study Abroad Pre-departure Orientation Workshop: You must attend one of the pre-scheduled, two-hour workshops for review of travel paperwork, insurance, and the pre-departure orientation handbook on safety, health, cultural adjustment, and other matters. Most workshops occur Wed afternoons from 3-5 PM with details at this Workshop Schedule. Travel Waiver signatures will be available at the completion of the workshop
  8. Schedule an appointment with the Academic Dean overseeing International Studies. Appointments will not be scheduled until contract approvals from your Sponsor, The International Programs Office, and other required approvers have been given, and the Travel Waiver and Health Form have been completed.

Questions can be directed to Michael Clifthorne, Coordinator of International Programs, 360-867-6312 or