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===Wrapping it up===
===Wrapping it up===
*What happens to my blog when I graduate?
*[[What happens to my blog when I graduate?]]

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Getting Started

Create a New WordPress Site

blogs.evergreen.edu is Evergreen's WordPress server. You can create your own site, all you need is an evergreen email address and login.

Driving in WordPress

  • Dashboard Overview
  • Change your Site's subtitle or Tagline Settings > General
  • Change the default Discussion settings Settings > Discussion

Writing and Managing your content

Images and linked files

Break at 7:15

Designing Your Site

Working with themes

Themes allow you to change the design of your blog at anytime. Changing your theme will not affect the primary content of your site.

  • Choose a theme
  • Customize your header image - some themes allow for you to add your own header image Appearance > Header Image (may only appear if your chosen theme supports custom header images)


Many themes support sidebar content. Often times if you don't anything to your side bar a default set of "widgets" will appear. You can change this by adding your own widgets.


  • Custom Menus - allow you to modify the navigation for your site (optional)

Adding functionality to your site

Embedding media

Wrapping it up