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Create a list of external links in your sidebar that will be displayed on every page of your site.

Enable the Links plugin

After WordPress version 3.5, blogroll links now require that you activate a plugin (sites created prior to the upgrade already have this functionality).

  1. From your Dashboard, go Plugins > Installed Plugins
  2. Click the Activate link for the Link Manager Plugin

Create a new link

  1. From the dashboard of your site navigate to Links > Add New
  2. Fill out the Name of your link (this is what people will see to click on)
  3. Enter the web address including the http:// Tip: navigate to the site you're linking to in another tab and copy the url exactly. Paste it into web address field.

Add the link to a link category


Having multiple categories allows you to display individual link categories in unique sections of your sidebar.

  1. Click Add new category (you'll only need to add a category the first time you do this)
  2. Name your category. The link category name will become the header for your list of links in the sidebar.
  3. Click Add to add your link category. Note: the link is automatically assigned to that new category
  4. Save your link by clicking the blue "Update Link" button

Display your link in the sidebar


Links are displayed in sidebar widgets.

  1. From your dashboard go to Appearance > Widgets
  2. From the Available Widgets panel drag and drop the Links widget over to the the right into the appropriate sidebar for your theme. A dashed box will appear when you can drop the widget. Note: Some themes have different available sidebar areas.
  3. Expand the link widget's panel by clicking its expand triangle
  4. From the drop-down choose the link category you'd like displayed in this section
  5. Click Save