Getting Started with Panopto

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Panopto is Evergreen’s secure video hosting platform.

Faculty: Start Using Panopto in Canvas

Faculty will need to enable Panopto in their course prior to usage. Faculty and students will use the Canvas course as the primary gateway to Panopto content. All Zoom meetings scheduled via Canvas will automatically be copied over to your course's Panopto Video folder.

Panopto and Zoom (outside of Canvas)

  • As of Dec. 17th, 2021, all Zoom cloud recordings are automatically copying over to Panopto.
  • January 2022 we will be gradually migrating all video data storage away from Zoom cloud storage and over to Panopto.
  • All Evergreen community members: To access Zoom meeting cloud recordings, use your Evergreen login to sign in at
  • Learn more about the Panopto/Zoom integration