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:Best room for multimedia work
:Best room for multimedia work
*See the [http://blogs.evergreen.edu/academiccomputing/classroom-schedules/ Classroom Schedules] for scheduling information
*See the [https://www.evergreen.edu/technology/academic-computing Classroom Schedules] for scheduling information
[[Category:Computer Center]]
[[Category:Computer Center]]

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L2619 is equipped with 26 Intel Macs with Apple displays and provides a comfortable working environment for laptop users.

Lib 2619 Computer Classroom

26 Machines
Mac Operating System
1 Podium
Controls Projector, input source, volume, display
Media closet
Contains VCR, podium faculty microphone, DVD player
Software Map
Adobe Creative Cloud (Including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, and more)
Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari)
Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook Mail)
Special features
2 Scanners
Doc Cam at Podium
Best room for multimedia work