Lecture Hall 1

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The Doghouse

In Lecture Hall 1 the projector is stored in the "Doghouse". This is a silver pentagon shaped box in the middle of the room. if media is being           
projected on the screen, the "Doghouse" needs to be unlocked and opened for the projection to come through. Call Media Services for assistance  
at X6270.

Computer (built-in)

On touch screen, press COMPUTER. This starts the projector and lowers the screen (screen is necessary in LH 1 only). Be sure the silver switch on the left side of the podium is set to “MAC MINI.” The computer should be on, just press any key on the keyboard to wake it up. You must authenticate with your TESC login to use the computer, and it may take a few extra moments to start up the first time you log in. If you don’t have a TESC login, call Electronic Media at x6270 for access. A USB extension cable is provided in case you can’t reach the back of the computer to plug in any external devices. Always log out when you are done with the computer.

Computer (laptop)

Plug the VGA cable from the left side of the podium into your laptop, then start up the system and select COMPUTER. For computer audio, use the audio cable bundled with the VGA cable. Use the grey ethernet cable for network access. Make sure that the silver switch near the cable is set to “LAPTOP”. For best results, wait until everything is con- nected before turning on your laptop, and it should automatically appear on the large screen.