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To turn on the projector, press the display “on” button. The button will blink for 30 seconds while the projector warms up.

Select your source (VCR, DVD, Doc Cam, Laptop, PC (podium computer), etc). A solid light will indicate which source is active. You may need to hold the button for 2 seconds.


Turn on the projector and select “Laptop” on the podium. Securely connect the VGA cable on the podium to your computer, if you need audio connect the mini audio jack into the headphone jack, If you are using a Mac, you will need an adaptor to connect from your laptop to the VGA (available at Media Loan).

For the best results, wait until all of the cables are securely connected before turning on your laptop.

Podium Computer/Mac Mini

After you have turned on the projector and selected “PC” on the podium, move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard. You will need a key to unlock the drawer in the podium where the keyboard and mouse are. If computer is not on, the power button is located on the back of the Mac Mini. You can play DVD/CD from Mac Mini. Login using your TESC login name and password. Always log out when you are done using the computer.


After you have turned on the projector and selected “DVD” on the podium. Insert your disk into the DVD player, which is located in the drawer in podium.


After you have turned on the projector and selected “VCR” on the podium, insert your tape into the VHS deck.

Document Camera

The document camera is located on the right side of the podium. After turning on the projector, select “Doc Cam” on the podium. Unfold the arms and lens of the document camera, taking care not to force them. Turn on the document camera and place your document on the white surface. Use the function buttons on the document camera to adjust the focus, rotate the image, zoom in and out, etc.

Podium Mic

To use the podium mic, turn on the “Mic Speaker”. Adjust the volume level with the “Mic volume” knob.

No Picture…
  1. Check VGA connection to your laptop to make sure it’s fully connected.
  2. Is data projector on?
No Audio…
  1. Is mini cable inserted into laptop?
  2. Is volume on laptop turned up?
  3. Is podium volume turned up?
  4. Is volume up on monitor screen (top right) turned up?

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