Light Meters Quick Guide

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Precautionary statements

Light meters are delicate instruments, handle with care!
Do not open, take apart, drop or handle roughly!
Keep the strap around your neck when using the meter.
Scratches can collect dirt which may slightly reduce light transmissions and affect the meter’s accuracy.
Do not expose meters to magnetic fields, extreme heat, humidity, leave in a locked car or expose to direct sunlight for periods of time.
Keep the meter in its case when not in use.

Media Loan Light Meters

Media Loan carries 3 basic types of light meters. Sekonic and Tundra analog meters, and a Sekonic digital meter.

Reflected Light Readings

Reflected Light Readings All of Media Loan’s light meters will read reflected light, which is the light reflected off a subject (see image right). With the Lumigrid accessory, the Sekonic analog meters will measure the light reflected from a scene. The High Slide cannot be used with the Lumigrid accessory for a reflected light reading. Sekonic digital meters and Tundra meters require you to slide the sphere accessory to expose the window below. Use for landscapes and other distant objects.