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Media Loan

  • Bring your Evergreen ID with the current quarter sticker.
  • Make a reservation for equipment, stop by Lib. 2504, or call (360) 867-6253.
  • Test and confirm all equipment is in working order before leaving Media Loan.
  • Media Loan has SEVERE LATE FINES. Return equipment on time, or call to make a renewal. Follow up with an appeal form to negate late fines.
Late Fines assessed daily, per item
Equipment valued over $250 — $20.00 per day
Equipment valued under $250 — $10.00 per day
Keys and all equipment and accessories valued over $50 — $10.00 per day
Equipment and accessories valued under $50 — $5.00 per day

Microphone Types

  • Dynamic Mics
    • Can withstand louder noises, rugged pickup elements.
    • No power needed
  • Condenser Mics
    • More sensitive to quieter noises, and more delicate pickup elements.
    • Needs power supplied through a battery, or through phantom power on zoom recorder.

Microphone Patterns

  • Omni: picks up sound from all directions.
  • Cardioid: picks up sound from front:
    • Proximity Effect: low frequencies are boosted as mic is closer to the source.
  • Super-Cardioid: Picks up from front with a narrower pattern.


  • Handheld
  • lavaliere: Small mic which clamps to clothing.
  • Shotgun: Long mic. Picks up sound from with an extremely narrow pattern.

Connector Types

  1. XLR = Needed for Marantz
  2. Mini = will not work with Marantz.

Mic Usage Tips

  • Use a stand if possible.
  • Listen for:
    • handling noise
    • proximity effect
    • popped p's

Media Loan Shopping List

  • Marantz recorder
  • Mic cables
  • Headphones
  • Extension cables
  • Desk stand, floor stand, microphone handle
  • Microphones:
    • Recommended for vocal recording > SM-58, SM-57, Sennheiser 421, ECM-50 Lavolier
  • Extra AA batteries

Marantz Recorder

Digital audio recorder that records to flash memory cards. No moving parts. Copy files off just like using a USB drive.

  • Format memory card before use, and before returning to Media Loan.
  • Record Settings: Review settings on handout


  • Batteries!!!
  • Always record as PCM.
  • Mono vs Stereo
  • Setting Levels: Do not hit zero on the meter.
  • Always have headphones.
  • Record room tone.
  • USB Mode

Recording Exercise

  1. Format card
  2. Connect 1 mic to recorder.
  3. Set to record to PCM, 48kHZ, mono, manual record levels.
  4. Connect headphones.
  5. Make a test recording
    1. Press Rec Pause
    2. Test mic
    3. Set levels
    4. Press Rec to start recording.
    5. Listen on headphones
    6. Press Stop to stop recording
    7. Playback recording
  6. Record some sounds
    1. Voices.
    2. Try different mics if available.
  7. Connect to computer and transfer sounds to computer.
  8. Copy files to Orca.

Get proficiency sign in sheet.