Reserving Studios and Equipment

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Reserving Studios


  • When scheduling the Audio Lab (Lib 1360) or the Advanced Multitrack Studio (Com 118), you are automatically reserving both the Performance Room and the Control Room.
  • The other two Control Rooms (Com 111A & Com 212A) must be scheduled separately from their Performance Spaces (Com 110 & the Recital Hall (Com 107), respectively).

Schedule Evergreen

You will use Schedule Evergreen to reserve session times in the Audio Studios.

  1. Head to [You can also access from your home page]

  2. At this point, you should be seeing your Personal Calendar which allows you to review your class times/locations and your scheduled lab times/locations (including your Audio Studio reservations).

  3. On the Left-Side of the page are some Navigation links: Select "Spaces."

  4. On the Right-Side of this page, select "Self Service."
    • Self Service allows you, the user, to schedule yourself in one of the provided facilities, so long as you have the necessary access approval.

  5. Select which space you would like to reserve.
    • Since there is currently no way to sort these options, all Audio Studios begin with "Audio Studio..."

  6. At the top of this page is where you select the "Space" you want from the drop-down.
    • "But I already selected which space I wanted!" Well, if you are trying to schedule both Com 111A (control room) & Com 110 (performance space), you will need to go through this whole process twice because you cannot reserve more than one space simultaneously. This will hopefully be a feature soon. If you are reserving, for instance, Com 118...then, yes, this drop-down option is redundant.

  7. Next, you will select the "Start Time" of your session.
    • For the Date, using the down arrow will provide you with a calendar view which reduces the chance that you select the wrong date.
    • For the Time, please keep in mind our Studio Blocks. We offer 4 studio sessions per day, 7 days a week:
      • 9am-1pm
      • 1pm-5pm
      • 5pm-9pm
      • 9pm-1am
    • So, in most instances, your Start Time will be either 9am, 1pm, 5pm, or 9pm.

  8. Now select the "Duration" of our session (in HOURS).
    • If you are signing up for one (1) session, type 4 (to indicate 4 hours).
    • If you are signing up for back-to-back session times, type 8 (to indicate 8 hours)
    • ***If you don't need a full session to complete your work, you may choose less than 4 hours for your duration

  9. Important Note: If you sign up for a session that spans between two studio blocks (such as 11am-2pm), your reservation may be cancelled or modified. This is to ensure that all students are able to reserve a full 4-hour session; PLEASE respect the 4-hour time blocks we have set out for sessions.

  10. At this point, you can click the "Check Availability" button which will pull up the calendar below to reflect the date/time you have selected. If the space is available at that time, the calendar will be white at that time. If you see Orange, that indicates that the space is not available at the date/time you have selected.

  11. If the stars align and your space is available, then click the "Schedule" button to make it official!

  12. Currently, you do not receive a confirmation notice after clicking the "Schedule" button, but you are brought back to your calendar where you can verify that your reservation has gone through.

  13. Remember: If you are trying to schedule the Control Room AND Performance Space for Com 111A or Com 212A, you will need to go through steps 1-12 twice (once to reserve the Control Room and another time to reserve the Performance Space). For questions, contact

  14. If you are denied because you are missing a "BADGE," take note of which badge you are missing and email for help.

Reserving Equipment

Equipment Reservation Site

  • Only fill out an equipment reservation after you have successfully reserved a studio time.
  • You are not guaranteed to receive the equipment you request; it may not be available at the time you want it, or you may not be authorized to use the equipment (For Instance: Students enrolled in Intro to Audio Recording can't check out the Neumann, Coles, Beyer, or RCA mics).
  • Audio & Music Technology Lab Specialist, Ethan Camp, and the Audio Interns ONLY enter Equipment Reservations on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9am.
    • Your Equipment Reservation needs to be ENTERED at least 24 hours in advance of your session. Since Equipment Reservations are only entered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you must plan ahead if you have a session that falls on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday: If you have a session on Wednesday, your reservation needs to be submitted by 9am on Monday.
    • Equipment Reservations are NOT entered on days that campus is closed.


  • Please read the policy information provided on the landing page.
  • After reading the policy information, click the "Equipment Reservation Form" link at the bottom of the page to begin making your request.
  • There are many mandatory fields on this form, so please be thorough.
  • It can be helpful to have pulled up while filling out this form so you can refer to your session date/time.
  • READ EVERYTHING. If you still have questions, contact

Equipment Notes

  • Taking Audio Studio equipment off-campus is forbidden! Keys can obviously stay with you, but they are very costly to replace should you lose them so please be careful so you do not incur hundreds of dollars in fees.
  • Your equipment must be stored in one of these spaces: Com 111A, Com 212A, Com 118, Audio Lab, OR in a Com Building Locker (which would be approved by the Com Info Office on the 3rd floor).
  • If your session is on a Sunday, you will need to pick up your keys and equipment from Media Loan on Saturday and return it on Monday. Media Loan is closed on Sundays. As mentioned above, please leave your equipment in the proper control room or in an approved Com Building locker while you are not using it.