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To make your Powerpoint presentation more aesthetically pleasing, using slide layouts are a viable option. Slide layouts have two options, standard or custom layouts.

Standard Layout

The preset options are versatile and allow the user many options to present data with pictures, video, charts, words, graphs, and more. The preset layouts have icons representing the different media which can be inserted into the slide. Click on any of these media icons to choose the file to insert.

If there is not a standard layout that fits the user’s needs, Powerpoint allows the user to create custom layouts.

Custom Layout

"You can create reusable custom layouts that specify the number, size, and location of placeholders, background content, theme colors, fonts, and effects, and optional slide and placeholder level properties.

You can also distribute custom layouts as part of a template, so you no longer have to waste valuable time cutting and pasting your layouts onto new slides or deleting content on a slide that you want to use with new and different content."

Additional Help

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