Sony PD-150/170 3CCD Mini DVCAM Camcorder Operating Guide

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A proficiency test is required to check these cameras out


  • Avoid mechanical shock
  • Keep camcorder away from strong magnetic fields or mechanical vibration
  • Keep Power switch set to off when not in use
  • Do not get wet or use near water
  • Do not aim at the sun or other bright objects
  • Do not expose camcorder to extreme temperatures
  • Do not leave unattended (remember borrower is totally responsible for loss or damage)
  • Do not touch lens surface
  • Do not try to clean viewfinder or LCD panel
  • Do not lift or carry by viewfinder
  • Do not wrap up the camcorder and use, to prevent internal heat buildup
  • Do not force camera to accept tape make sure that there are no protruding labels on the tape.

Basic Operation

Supplying Power

Battery Pack

Lift up the Viewfinder and insert the battery pack with the downward arrow on the battery pack facing down. Slide the battery pack down until it clicks into place.

AC Adapter

Connect the AC adapter to a power outlet, then connect the camcorder and the AC power adapter using the supplied cord.

Charging the Battery

Supply power with the AC adapter while the battery is inserted, and leave the POWER switch set to OFF Approximate charging time for full battery: Normal battery 2.5 hours, Extended life battery 6.5 hours.

Cassette Insertion

Connect the camcorder to a power source and slide the EJECT button. the cassette compartment automatically opens. Insert a cassette with the write-protect tab facing upward and the window facing out, and gently press the PUSH button on the outside of the compartment until the door clicks shut.

NOTE: Use only DVCAM or Mini DV cassettes.

Record Mode

The PD 150/170 are capable of recording in both DVCAM and DVSP modes. While Evergreen supports both, other cameras do not. So if you plan on using a tape between this and any other cameras use DVSP mode.

Video Recording

First remove the hood cap. While pressing the green center button on the POWER switch. set it to CAMERA. Press the red START/STOP button to start recording. The REC indicator appears in the viewfinder and the red lamp indicator lights up in the front of the camcorder. Press the START/STOP button again to stop recording.

Manual Adjustments

For Iris, Shutter Speed, Gain and White Balance you must use the AUTO LOCK switch in the manual position.

AUTO LOCK Selection
A. Fully automatic settings.
B. Manual position, allows user to manually adjust settings.
C. Hold, maintain settings made manually.
IRIS (Aperture)

The Iris setting is to adjust depth of field and exposure. To adjust aperture make sure the AUTO LOCK switch is in the manual position the press IRIS and an indicator will appear on the viewfinder. Turn the IRIS dial to adjust aperture. To return to AUTO IRIS, either set AUTO