Student Staff Account FAQs

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Get help with your student staff account.

How do I get a student-staff account?

Student staff accounts are created by an ePAF (electronic personnel action form) this is normally completed by the student employee's supervisor. The supervisor would fill out the ePAF found in under the Budgets and Finance section. Once the ePAF is completed, the request is reviewed by the Student Employment Office, the department budget authority, HR, and Payroll and Benefits.

How do I access my student-staff account?

Once the ePAF is submitted and the employee information is put into Banner, our Identity Management system (IDM) will run a process to automatically create the staff account for the student employee. After the account is created, the student employee will receive an email with instructions on how to activate and access their student-staff account.

I never received the activation email what can I do now?

On occasion, the student employee may not receive their activation email to set up their account. This is normally due to the fact that the personal email we had on file is no longer accessible or was incorrect at the time of the account creation. If this happens, the TSC staff can work with the student employee to get their account set up. The Tech Support Center staff would check IDM to verify the user's identity and then go through the account activation process. Otherwise, the Tech Support Center can send the student an email with the activation instructions.

I need to extend my student employee's account

Account expiration and start date is dependent on the information that was submitted in the ePAF by the supervisor. If an account expires, it is most likely due to the expiration date on the ePAF. To extend the student's employment, the supervisor must submit a new ePAF with the new expiration date. The Network Services team does not manually extend an employee's account access.

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