Vixia Checklist

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  1. Check Media Loan Equipment
    • Do you have the camera?
    • Battery?
    • Battery Charger?
    • HDMI cord?
    • USB cord?
    • Microphone?
    • Tripod?
    • Headphones?
    • A white piece of paper or a plain white flat object to white balance off of?
  2. Prepare camera for shooting.
    • Initialize SD card
    • Set to Manual Mode
    • Set recording mode to MXP
    • Set frame rate
    • Check Audio ( Turn on Headphones, Set volume level)
    • Turn Digital Zoom off.
    • Decide if Image Stabilization is appropriate for the shot.
  3. Preparing shots.
    • Check Mic Level
    • Check Focus
    • Check White Balance
    • Check Exposure
    • Start Filming!

For a more detailed overview visit Vixia Intro

It is highly recommended to print out this sheet as well as the operating guide/workshop outline to bring along with you on your shoot.