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Your Assignment

For all students your product for assessment will be a “letter” of the program “eAlphabet” that will include:

  1. ILC form
  2. weekly log of hours and activities
  3. weekly Bachelardian reverie
  4. poetry and video of your “poetry observed”
  5. Holdrege-based term paper including text, images, and poetry

Field Study Proposal: In-Program ILC

Post your completed Individual Learning Contract form here. This in-program ILC should describe the learning goals and activities that you want to accomplish during your February field study. Be specific and succinct regarding your answers to the following questions that are prompts for the construction of your ILC narrative: 1) What passion will you immerse yourself in for the month of February? 2) What do you hope to experience during this immersion? 3) What scholarly resources are available from others with more knowledge or experience regarding your passion and immersing yourself in it? Be specific: list authors, books, articles, reports, exhibits, films. Would creating an annotated bibliography of these resources help you achieve your learning objectives? 4) Is there a style of poetry or specific poet that/who might provide a model for your creation of poetry in relation to your immersion in a passion? Note: Your goal is to create a poetic version of what Edgar Doctorow calls good writing: “Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.” 5) Logistics: Where will you be? Transportation and living expenses? Access to the internet and a library?

Getting Started

Getting Started with WordPress - What is WordPress and how is it being used at Evergreen?


Driving in WordPress

Writing and Managing your content

  • Adding new posts
  • Title your post - start ALL of your posts with your unique letter(s).
Example: A - week 1 field study log

"The Letter" post

Your "Letter Post" functions as a landing page or portfolio that gathers together all of the work you contribute to the site.

Creating the sections for your Letter Post

You can copy and paste the following sections template code:
note: you will need to replace the xx with your unique letter identifier

Field Study proposal excerpt

(an excerpt from your in-program ILC will go here )

See full proposal and weekly logs

ABCs and 123s - weekly log and field notes

[catlist tags=xx-logs date=yes excerpt=yes excerpt_size=30]

Bachelardian Reverie

[catlist tags=xx-bachelard date=yes excerpt=yes excerpt_size=30]


[catlist tags=xx-poetry excerpt=yes excerpt_size=30]

Poetry Observed

(embedded youtube or Vimeo video will go here)

Term Paper Abstract

Read full term paper

Categories and Tags

Additional Posts and Post Categories

Select the appropriate categories for each post you write

  • bachelard - used for all Bacheldar Reverie posts
  • logs - used for weekly field study reports/logs
  • field study proposal
  • poetry - all poetry posts
  • poetry observed - add this category to the poetry post that includes your embedded poetry observed video
  • term paper - for all term paper posts in addition to quarter category
  • term paper - fall - for all Fall quarter term paper posts
  • term paper - winter - for all Winter quarter term paper posts

3 of the post types you create will need to be "Tagged" with your unique letter (xx) - category name. This tagging will assign these posts to display a link and summary from your portfolio "Letter" post

  • Weekly log posts: tag = xx-logs
  • Bachelardian Reverie posts: tag = xx-bachelard
  • Poetry posts: tag = xx-poetry

Adding Links

  1. While editing a post, highlight the text you want to be a link
  2. Click the "add link" button
  3. Paste the URL you want to link to and click "Add Link"

Adding Media

File management: we will all be sharing a single media library. Make sure to use a unique file naming convention. Start your files with your unique letter identifier and it will be easy to find all files related to your work.
Example: aa_image1.jpg, aa_audio1.mp3

You will all be creating a graphic to represent your letter and a banner "featured image" for your letter post. The banner image should be approximately 624 x 94 pixels.



Adding pdfs is just like inserting an image except a link to the pdf will be inserted instead of an image.

  • Make sure to uncheck the Embed using Google Doc Embedder if you just want a link to the pdf.
  • For the term paper posts use the Embed using Google Doc Embeeder to give readers an easy way to ready your paper in the context of the site.


  1. Add descriptive text about the audio file into your post
  2. then upload your audio file (must be mp3) and insert into post. See Exporting Audio for instructions on creating an mp3 using Audacity.
  3. Audio plugin will automatically detect file and insert a graphical player.

Additional Resources

  • Getting Started Tutorials - these tutorials are for working on but is nearly identical to using WordPress at
  • - video based training tutorials
    • WordPress 3 Essential Training - this training is geared towards using but if you skip the account setup portion most of the rest is relevant to
    • Photoshop Essential Training
    • Illustrator Essential Training