Featured Images in WordPress

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Featured images will appear in a variety of places depending upon the theme you're using. If your blog is being fed via RSS to another site the featured image may also be the image associated and displayed with your post.

  1. While editing a post, click the "Set featured image" link
  2. Select an image file from your hard drive or drag and drop

To resize/crop your featured image (optional)

  1. Click the "Edit image" button to resize and crop your image to the necessary size
  2. Click Scale image and set the width to the desired amount (usually no more than 400px)
  3. In image crop click hold and drag to create a crop selection, drag the corner anchors to adjust
  4. Click the crop icon to apply
  5. Click the Save button beneath the image

Set your image as the featured image

  1. Scroll to bottom and choose "Use as featured image" and close out of the image editing window