Lost and Found

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The Academic Computing Center keeps both physical and online records of lost and found items. Each item that we find is kept for at least 5 weeks.

Lost and Found Procedure

Here at the Academic Computing Center, a lot of items get left behind (dishes, clothes, flash drives, etc.). In cases where the owner or the owner's academic program can be identified, we'll reach out and let them know their items are safe and available for pick-up. But it's not always possible to find a direction in which to look, and sometimes people don't check back with us. Misc. items and clothes that are not claimed in 5 weeks go into temporary storage and are then given over to a legitimate outlet (e.g. Olympia's Really Really Free Market, the Evergreen Free Store, Goodwill).

Please inquire about lost items at the Computer Center's front desk. You will be asked for your ID (if you don't have a student card, you can show another kind of photo ID) as a safe-guard for getting items back to their correct owners.

Items of great value (not including USB drives) are taken to police services where they can be picked up 24/7. Examples for things that would go to Police Services are wallets, keys, cell-phones, cameras, debit cards, medications, etc. Police Services is located in Sem 1 and can be reached at 867-6832.

The most commonly lost item in the center is a USB thumb drive. We catalogue and store hundreds per quarter. The best method to ensure you get notified should you lose your drive is to create a text document labeled "IF FOUND" with current contact info to keep on the drive at all times.