Recording with Premiere Pro - Sound Effects Studio

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Setting Up Premiere Pro

Creating a New Project in Premiere Pro

  1. Open the Premiere Pro application and sign in with your Evergreen email address and password.
  2. In the top left click New Project.
  3. In the Project Name box enter a meaningful name.
  4. For Project Location select Choose Location.
  5. In the new new window select Desktop on the sidebar.
  6. Click New Folder and name the folder.
  7. Click Create.
  8. Click Choose.
  9. In the bottom right click Create.

File Management

  • Premiere Pro does not move or copy any audio and video files.
  • If you have any audio or video files that you need to use copy them into the folder you made on the desktop before importing.

Importing a Video File to Premiere Pro

  1. Go to File > Import...
  2. Browse to your video file and select it.
  3. Click Import.

Making a Sequence (Timeline)

  1. From the Project window drag the video clip into the Timeline.
  2. If there is audio in the video file it will be on audio track 1.
    • If you do not need to listen to the audio press the Mute button (M).

Computer Monitors

  • There are two monitors at the computer station.
  • The left monitor is mirrored to the performer monitor.
  • If the talent needs to see the video playback you need to move the Program window to the left monitor.
    1. In the Program window click the horizontal bar in the top left.
    2. Select Undock Panel.
    3. Move the Program window to the left monitor.
    4. Click the Green dot to make it full screen.


Setting Up the MOTU M4

  1. Turn down the Monitor knob on the MOTU M4.
  2. Set up a microphone.
  3. Plug your microphone) into the front of the MOTU M4 Input 1
  4. Set the preamp levels with the Gain knob.
  5. Pay close attention to the meters on the face of the MOTU M4.
  6. Set the Gain knob so the meter is just turning yellow
  7. Press the MON button on your input channel.
  8. Set the Input Monitor Mix knob to 12:00.
  9. Set the MOTU M4 headphone knob to 2:00.
  10. Adjust the volumes knob on the headphone amp for each headphone that you are using.
    • If the input meters look good but it’s still hard to hear, try turning up the headphone level on the headphone amp.

Creating a New Mono Track

  1. In the Timeline right-click in the empty space below the left of the audio track.
  2. Select Add Tracks.
  3. Set Video Tracks to 0
  4. Set Audio Tracks to 1
  5. Set Track Type to Mono
  6. Set Audio Submix Tracks to 0
  7. Click OK

Recording the First Track

  1. Move the mouse over the left side of the audio track you want to record onto
  2. Right-click and select Voice-Over Record Settings
    1. For Source select M4 Aggregate Device
    2. For Input select M4 Aggregate Device: M4 In 1
    3. Check record levels and headphone levels.
    4. Click Close.
  3. Cue up the timeline to where you want to start.
  4. Click the Voice-Over Record button in the audio track (microphone icon).
  5. Click click the Mute button (M) on the track.
  6. Click the Stop button when done.
  7. Click click the Mute button (M) on the track to unmute the track.
  8. Click Play to playback the recording.

Recording a Additional Tracks

  • Repeat the steps above to record additional tracks
  • If you do not need to listen to the previous tracks mute them.

End of Session

  1. Remember to save your Premiere Pro project before closing the file.
  2. Premiere Pro
  3. Back ups the entire folder to an external drive or OneDrive.
  4. Turn all monitor knob down.
  5. Shutdown the computer.
  6. Clean up the space:
    1. Ensure all cables are coiled.
    2. Ensure all microphone stands are put away by loosening the joints and adjusting the pieces rather than forcing the pieces while the joints are still tightened.
  7. Tidy up any toys, noise makers, etc. Notate any issues in the logbook.