Tables - Wordpress

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If you'd like to use tables in your site for displaying data there are a few ways to do this.

  1. The TinyMCE Advanced plugin lets you add a table tool to the WordPress Rich text editing bar.
  2. Use the WP-Tables Reloaded plugin creates really nice looking tables and gives you a pretty good interface for updating content, however, a drawback to using this plugin is that it does not have a rich text editor. Text that is hyperlinked, bold, etc you will need to write the HTML yourself within the plugins editor. One benefit to using this plugin is that your tables will be much more accessible to visually impaired readers. The plugin will add the necessary markup to make the table more sensible to screen readers. For more information visit the plugin's website at Plugin WP-Table Reloaded
  3. Copy and paste from Word (Windows users only) - if your table is already in MS Word, go ahead and select the table and copy. From within your post, a page in WordPress choose the Paste from Word Icon (on the second row - you may need to expand your available editing buttons by clicking the kitchen sink button) and paste into the provided window. Sorry Mac users (this isn't for you).