Zoom Cloud Recordings and Panopto

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  • Evergreen does not have enough storage space in the Zoom cloud system to store all of the cloud recordings.
  • Since January 2022 all Zoom cloud recordings have been auto-imported into Panopto.


  • Zoom cloud recordings get processed by Zoom after the meeting ends. 
  • Once a meeting is processed by Zoom it will get imported into Panopto.
    • Captions
      • If the Zoom audio transcript is enabled it will import into Panopto as captions.
      • If there is no transcript from Zoom, Panopto will auto-generate captions.
    • Zoom chat will import into Panopto.
  • Panopto only imports video files.
  • If you have Record audio-only files enabled in Zoom those files will stay in the Zoom cloud storage.
  • Check you Zoom Cloud Recordings settings at https://evergreen.zoom.us/

File Deletion from Zoom

Zoom Meetings Associated with a Canvas Course

  • If a Zoom meeting is associated with a Canvas course the cloud recordings will be imported into the Panopto folder for that Canvas course.
  • For easy access to the Panopto files you can add Panopto to your course navigation.

Regular Zoom Meetings

  • If a Zoom meeting is not associated with a Canvas course it will be imported to the host's Meeting Recordings folder.

  1. Sign into Panopto at evergreen.hosted.panopto.com
  2. Click the My Folder button in the top left
  3. Click the Meeting Recordings folder