Adding Media - Wordpress

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Wordpress is a media-friendly application, and it can easily support the use of audio, video, images and other files. Wordpress has a built-in media library to help you manage and share media content. There are a lot of options available, which can be a little confusing, but with a little explanation and practice, you'll be able to add media to your posts and pages without any problem.

The Media Library stores your media for inclusion in your pages and posts. You can add a title, caption and description to each item. A file url will be created for each file you upload and can be used to download or embed the media.

One of the impressive features of Wordpress is its ability to embed media. This means the content is displayed right in the page, alongside the other information you're sharing. Image, video and audio files can be embedded into pages or posts.

File types that cannot be embedded, such as .pdf or .xls files, can still be posted for download.

The NextGen gallery, a plugin for Wordpress, lets you display sets of images on your site. It creates its own Media Library, called "Gallery" for use by the plugin. More information is available here: Image Galleries - WordPress