Adobe Creative Cloud System Requirements

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The individual Adobe applications can have different system requirements.

Check this Adobe article for the specific requirements for the applications.


  • Some apps may require driver updates to the video cards on Windows systems.
  • Windows 7 is not supported by any apps released after October 2020.
  • Many of the apps support the current version of macOS and the previous two versions.
  • A new version of macOS is released every fall. Abobe apps might not immediately support the new macOS.
  • Adobe normally releases new major versions of the applications in late October.
  • If your computer does not meet the system requirements the Creative Cloud Desktop app (CCDA) may install the most current version that the computer can run.
    • The CCDA does not give a warning that an older version is being installed.
  • To check for available updates open the Creative Cloud Desktop app and select Updates on the left.