Audio Effects Compatibility - Audition

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  • Many of the real time effects in Audition and Premiere Pro are available in both programs.
  • If you open a Premiere Pro sequence in Audition that contains effects that are only available in Premiere Pro a warning will detail which effects were not available.


The following real time effects are available in Audition but not available in Premiere Pro.

  • Echo
  • chorus
  • Automatic Noise Reduction
  • Automatic Phase Correction
  • Full Reverb
  • Reverb
  • Center Channel Extractor
  • Graphic Phase Shifter
  • Automatic Pitch Correction

Premiere Pro

The following real time effects are available in Premiere Pro bu not available in Audition.

  • Channel Volume
  • Multi-tap Delay
  • Band Pass
  • Bass
  • High Pass
  • Low Pass
  • Simple Notch Filter
  • Simple Parametric
  • Treble
  • Fill Left with Right
  • Fill Right with Left
  • Invert
  • Swap Channels


Stereo Files with Audio on Once Channel

  • Fill Left with Right and Fill Right with Left are very useful in Premiere Pro when there is audio on only one channel of a stereo audio file.
  • If a project is opened in Audition with either of these you will need to take care of the stereo to mono issue with another process.

Obsolete Effects

  • Premiere Pro has an Effects category called obsolete effects.
  • When possible try not to use these effects. There are newer effects to accomplish the same things.