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Academic Computing Center Staff

Working at the Computer Center may be the best student job on campus! Why? Because you make a difference! You help other students get their work done. You may leave work tired but you’ll always leave work knowing that you made a difference. Plus, you get a chance to learn about technology on the job, while on shift and through weekly training sessions.

We currently have two types of positions...

AC Tech

These are the friendly folks who work at the front desk of the Computer Center. In addition to helping anyone and everyone who walks up to the desk with a question, AC Techs provide support to the full-time staff of Academic Computing.

We're looking for students with strong people and communication skills. Job-related experience working with people is highly desirable. Along those lines, some personal traits that we are looking for are maturity, willingness to learn new things and an ability to collaborate as part of a team.

Help fellow students and Evergreen Faculty by:

  • Responding to a wide range of account problems and software questions,
  • Providing technical assistance at the Computer Center and over the phone,
  • Contributing to our new student publication: Seeds and Circuits
  • Assisting Academic Computing staff as they support educational use of applications and online tools.
  • Transferring issues to professional staff in Computing & Communications and other College departments.

We're always accepting applications. Download an application or pick one up at the Computer Center front desk. Students with or without a work study award are encouraged to apply. For more information, contact Frank Barber: (360)-867-5064.

Sys Op

Job Description

Troubleshoot Windows and Macintosh systems in the Computer Center. Perform system maintenance tasks, including hardware and software installation and configuration. Correct problems with various academic applications, utilities, and system files. Provide technical assistance to AC Techs, possibly including workshops or tutoring. Perform operator duties for academic servers. Write documentation. Perform related duties as required. May be required to work flexible hours.


Applicants should have:

  • Considerable experience with computers, including Windows, *NIX, and/or Macintosh OS X operating systems.
  • Ability to perform hardware maintenance, including installation, troubleshooting and component cleaning.
  • Ability to identify problems with hardware and software, diagnose and take steps to resolve.
  • Ability to create and modify script files for various systems (Windows batch files, *NIX shell scripts, AppleScript). * Applicants should possess a willingness to learn, be mature, responsible, able to cooperate, and have strong people and communication skills.
  • Previous experience as an AC Tech is highly desirable.

The Hiring Process

At this time all interviews for 2011-2012 have been filled. For more information about working as a Sys Op, contact Isaac Overcast at extension 6226.