Create Additional Sites - WordPress

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If you have a site and would like to create another one (you can create as many as you like):

  • In a web browser, go to and click Log in.
  • From your Dashboard options in the menu at far left, click My Sites.
  • At the "My Sites" page, click the "Add New" button to create a new site.
  • At the Site Name field, enter a shortname for your site:
    • For the Site Name, or shortname, you can only use lowercase letters and numbers.
    • And this shortname will become part of your unique URL/web address and cannot be changed.
  • At the Site Title field, enter a title for your site:
    • The title can contain lower- and upper-case letters, numbers, punctuation, and special characters.
    • This title will be used in the header section of your website and can be changed at anytime, but you may need to fix (edit and update) links after the change.
  • The Privacy section is where you can set the visibility of your site -- visibility options range from only you can view it to sharing it with the public/world:
    • TIP: It is better to start with limited visibility and then share it more widely, than to share it publicly from the start and then try to limit visibility.
      • "Allow search engines to index this site" means the site will be visible to the public/world.
      • "Visible only to registered users of this network" means only people with an Evergreen login can view your site -- this is the best option for curricular projects or work as this setting makes it easy for your faculty and peers to view the site.
      • "Visible only to registered users of this site" means only those who are members of the site will be able to view the site.
      • "Visible only to administrators of this site" means only you will be able to see the site (as you are automatically set as Administrator anytime you create a site).
  • When finished entering a site name Click Create Site.