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Create a new account and site for users new to

I'm new to

Create a new account through the dashboard
The final step in creating a live link is Evergreen's WordPress instance primarily for community members looking to self-create a wordpress site/blog/academic journal. To create your own site, all you need is an evergreen email address and login. Faculty looking to create a curricular site using WordPress should use

Create a account and a new blog

  1. Navigate a web browser to the login and login via the CAS login window.
    • If you already have an account Click login/signup then you should be automatically redirected to the dashboard.
    • If you're new you will be asked to create an account. Your Evergreen username and email are auto-filled
    • Need account help? See: Evergreen Login Overview
  2. To create a new blog site select the + New drop down menu and select Page OR select My Sites from the sidebar and select Add New
  3. Enter the Site Name - this will become part of your unique URL or web address and cannot be changed.
  4. Enter the Site Title - this will be used in the header section of your site and can be changed later
  5. From the drop-down menu choose the blog type: Program/Course, Individual, Group or Other.
  6. Click Create Site. You should now be ready to login to your new blog.

If You Want Your Site to be Private

Under the Site title section, there is a list of different privacy settings you can choose from. These are...

  • Visible only to registered users of this network- Only people with an Evergreen Username can see your site
  • Visible only to registered users of this site - Only people you add to your site can see it
  • Visible only to administrators of this site- Only admins can see the site