Delete a WordPress site

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How to delete sites you have created at

1. Locate and open the desired WordPress site:

  • In a web browser, go to and click "Log in".
  • At "My Sites" in the upper left corner, you can:
    • hover your cursor over "My Sites" to view the list of sites you've created or are a member of and click/select the desired site from the list
    • or -- you can click directly on "My Sites" to see your sites via the Dashboard view

2. At the selected site:

  • go to its Dashboard
  • in the Dashboard menu at far left, go to "Tools" (towards bottom of list) and click on "Delete Site" to open the "Delete Site" page
  • at the "Delete Site" page, check the box to confirm you'd like to delete the site
  • then click the blue "Delete My Site Permanently" button to finish