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WordPress is ready out of the box to deliver your podcast to subscribers.

Embed an enhanced podcast

Activate the Plug In:

  1. Log in to your blog and go to your Dashboard
  2. On the left sidebar click Plugins
  3. In the listing of plugins activate the Quicktime Embed plugin

Embed Into a Post:

  1. Add a new post
  2. At the top of the post next to "Add media:", click the Upload Video icon Addvideo-wordpress.png
  3. In the dialog box select your podcast file to upload (remember no spaces, uppercase, or special characters)
  4. Do not insert into post; instead, copy the provided link URL (i.e. http://blogs.evergreen.edu/myblog/files/2010/02/podcast1.m4a) (you may need to clikc the File URL button first before it appears.
  5. Click Save all changes
  6. In your post editing window, use the Quicktime embed plugin syntax provided to add your podcast to your page. Example:
http://blogs.evergreen.edu/myblog/files/2010/02/podcast1.m4a 180 180]

Be sure to include the dimensions at the end as 180 180 For more information on using the Quicktime Embed Plugin, see the plugin site