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This article will highlight some of the main tips for students navigating the Evaluation System for the first time.

Do I have to print out and sign evaluations anymore?

No. You turn in your evaluations directly to your faculty via the system. No more need to print them out or sign.

Do I have to do evaluations of my faculty?

This depends on your faculty. If they require this, they should specify either in the "Requirements for Credit" tab or directly in your syllabus. You do need to write and turn in your evaluations of faculty from the evaluation system, and once you turn one in, faculty will see that you turned it in.

Is my evaluation of faculty visible?

You can choose. When you turn in your evaluation of faculty you are given two choices

  1. Please show to my faculty immediately, or
  2. Do not show until my credit is posted.

Either way, they will see that this has been turned in once you select your choice and turn it in, they just won't see the text of the evaluation if you chose #2.

Can I edit my evaluation of faculty

Yes. You can always go back in the system and make changes to your evaluation of faculty and turn it in again. Be aware that all versions that are turned in will be available to your faculty to view, not just the most recent one, so use this functionality thoughtfully.

Can I paste from Word or Libre Office?

You bet. The new editors that are part of this system do a pretty good job stripping out goofy formatting from word processors. That said, if you are editing this first in a word processor, keep the formatting and special characters to a bare minimum and you won't have any problems.

Can I change the format of the evaluation or add indents?

You'll find that your saved evaluations are all left-justified and are not indented. This is intentional as the system is designed to generate "transcript ready" evaluations which are required to have minimal formatting.

Can I print out a copy for my evaluation conference?

At this point, you can print a copy from the web page. It looks dorky, but we hope to build in this capability over the next year... stay tuned!

Where do I get more information on how to manage evaluations in my transcript?

For more information on evaluations and transcript options, go to http://www.evergreen.edu/registration/transcript-format