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It is important to understand when and how your My Evergreen account will be deactivated. This guide explains the status changes, access timeline, and how to prepare for deactivation.

Account Deactivation

While you are an active student at Evergreen, you have access to a My Evergreen Account as a single sign-on for almost all of your Evergreen information technology needs.

You might have many roles on campus. Each role gives you access to specific resources in your account. For example, as an active student, you have access to an Evergreen email address, Canvas, WordPress sites, and network file space. As a student employee, you have access to time sheets and Microsoft Teams.

When you stop attending Evergreen as a student, you are considered "withdrawn". You still have an Evergreen account, but the associated resources may change. After a period of time, your account may be deactivated. We will always have a record of your account, but you would need to re-enroll to "re-activate" the account, or request a Former Student account.

When do student resources go away?

When you are longer enrolled in courses as a student at Evergreen (i.e. you are "withdrawn"), you will eventually lose access to student resources.

Your student status may be updated to "withdrawn" if any of the following apply:

  • You are admitted to Evergreen but do not attend or successfully complete the first quarter you were admitted. Your status is updated between weeks 3 and 5 of the quarter you were admitted.
  • You successfully completed the term you were admitted but have been gone for 4 or more quarters after that. Your status is updated week 3 of the 5th quarter you were not enrolled.
  • You asked to be withdrawn from Evergreen (via Registration and Records' Change of Status form). Your status is updated immediately when Registration and Records receives your form.
  • You were attending as a non-degree-seeking, non-admitted ("special") student and are no longer registered. Your status is updated the week 3 of the first quarter you are not registered.
  • You completed your degree and graduated from Evergreen. Your status is updated when your degree is awarded. If you are withdrawn because you graduated, you have access to student resources approximately one year after your graduation quarter. If you were withdrawn for any other reason, you will lose access to the account and associated resources around weeks 4-5 of the quarter in which you stopped attending.

Why do we change access and de-activate accounts?

Resources are provided to us by the state of Washington so we can help you fulfill your role(s) at Evergreen. When you no longer have a particular role at Evergreen, we can no longer provide state resources for that role.

Active but unused accounts put our systems at risk. For this reason, we deactivate accounts after a certain period of time. We know some people enjoy continued use of their Evergreen accounts and want to keep them permanently. We attempt to balance that desire with the need to keep our systems secure by keeping accounts active with access to resources for a period of time after your role at Evergreen changes.


Be sure to contact anyone who corresponds with you via your evergreen.edu address, and give them a different email address to use. All emails will be deleted during the account deactivation process.

If you currently forward your evergreen email to another email provider, this will be turned off when the login is deactivated and you will no longer receive emails addressed to your student account.

If you have not been forwarding your Evergreen email to an outside address, and you have messages that you want to save, we recommend that you forward your emails individually from Evergreen's Webmail to an outside address.

We are happy to help you manage your email through this transition. Please contact the Academic Computing Center at help.evergreen.edu for help with this process.

Evaluations and Academic Statement

Are your Self-Evaluations Finished? Login to my.evergreen.edu to complete any outstanding self-evaluations. You might also choose to save past evaluations as PDFs to your own computer. Your Academic Statement, narrative evaluations from your faculty and perhaps some of your own self-evaluations are what make up an Evergreen transcript. The Registration Office will always be available to produce official and unofficial transcripts for you.

Eval Questions? Visit www.evergreen.edu/evaluations or create a support ticket at help.evergreen.edu

Employment and Timesheets

If you have worked for the college and need to continue accessing your timesheet past the deactivation deadline, please contact your supervisor who can make arrangements to extend or change your account as necessary.

WordPress at Evergreen

All blogs will be deleted 60 days from the date that the logins have been disabled. You can backup your blog posts and pages to a text file and import them later into another off-site blogging service. Please note: any media uploaded to Evergreen's blog server will have to be saved manually. For instructions see: Exporting Blog Entries

Network File Space

All network resources (including network file space) will be deleted 60 days from the date that the logins have been disabled. It is important that students wishing to preserve materials in these folders make their own copies before this date. For more information on accessing your network file space, see: File Space Overview.

Web Payment

Once your account is closed, you will no longer have access to the web payment feature (paying off outstanding balances, viewing statements from the school, management of authorized user accounts). If you have a balance you will need to continue paying, please make arrangements with Student Accounts at studentaccounts@evergreen.edu or (360) 867-6447.

Order Transcripts

Once your my.evergreen.edu login is closed, you can still access your student records online. Go to Order a Transcript to learn more. Note: there is no need to request a new login until your existing login is disabled.

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