Medium and Message - Audition and Premiere Pro

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The workshop will cover who r=to import a video vile into Audition and create a soundtrack. We will then export the stereo mix and sync the audio and video in Premiere Pro.


  • Create a New Audition Multitrack Session
  • Import a video file
  • Import audio files.
  • Create and mix a soundtrack to the video
  • Export a stereo mix

Premiere Pro

  • Create a new project
  • Import the video file
  • Import the stereo mix from Audition
  • Sync the audio and video
  • Crop or adjust the framing of the video if needed
  • Add titles if needed
  • Export the final video


Set Up

  1. Create a new Multitrack Session
  2. Save to a folder to the desktop
  3. Copy your video file and any audio files to that folder

Import a Video File

  • Audition can have have one reference video file that can playback on the video track.
    • Import Video File - Audition
    • Or drag the video file to the first audio track.
      • If the video file has any audio it will be added to track one.
      • The audio can be deleted if not needed.
    • The video file will be on the video track and can be viewed in the video window.

Import Audio Files

  • Import audio files as needed

Create the Soundtrack

  • Create the soundtrack to the reference video.
  • Set loom and pan automation and needed.
  • Add real-time effects on the inserts of the mixer window.
    • Effect parameters can also be automated.
  • Multitrack Editor - Audition

Export the Stereo Mix

  1. Go to Export > Multitrack Mixdown > and select
    • Time Selection to export only the selected time
    • Entire Session for the entire project
    • Selected Clips for selected clips
  2. In the Export Multitrack Mixdown dialog set
    • File Name : name the file
    • Location : click browse to select a folder
    • Sample Source: Click Change and set Bit Depth to 24 bits. and click OK
  3. Click OK

Premiere Pro

Set Up

  1. Open Premiere Pro
  2. Create a new project
  3. Save it to the folder with the Audition project

Importing Files

  • Use the Media Browser to import the video file and the stereo mix from Audiotion


  • Drag the video file to the Sequence window
    • Premiere Pro will ask to make a new sequence to match the video settings.
    • Click OK
  • If the original video file has audio it will be on audio track one
  • If you do not need the audio right click on the audio clip and select un-link.
    • Now you can delete the audio clip
  • Drag the stereo mix file to audio track one
  • Set the audio and video files to start at zero
  • Playback the files to make sure that they are in sync.

Adjust the Video Framing

  1. Select the clip in the Sequence panel
  2. Go to the Effects Control panel
  3. Open the Motion settings
  4. Scale
    1. Select Scale and adjust the number to resize the video.
  5. Position
    1. To move the image click on Position
    2. Then click in the Program window and move the image as needed


Exporting the Final Video