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  1. ACTIVATE THEME AND PLUGIN. In your WordPress management area, go to Appearance > Themes and activate your theme. Then go to Plugins and activate the NextGen plugin. Once activated, a Gallery item will appear on the menu. Go to Gallery > Options > Slide show, find Path to Image Rotator and press Search Now, and NextGen will find the Image Rotator file. Save your changes.
  2. CHANGE LOGO. You can change the logo of your site using the Photocrati theme settings in Admin panel > Photocrati Theme. You can upload a logo file, or if you prefer, you can use no logo by choosing No Logo - Use Text Title From General Settings.
  3. CREATE BASIC PAGES AND SET HOME PAGE. Create a page (Page > Add New) called Home - this page will be displayed as home page of your site (as in the demos). Also create a page called Blog - this page will display your blog. Create some pages that you need (e.g. Contact, About, etc...).
    Set your home page by going to Settings > Reading and setting Front page display to A static page and select your Home. Similarly, set your Blog page as Post page.
  4. CREATE ALBUMS AND GALLERIES. NextGen has two levels of gallery management: Albums and Galleries. Galleries are collections of images, while Albums are collections of Galleries. In both cases, NextGen uses normal WordPress pages to display your Albums and Galleries. In order to create a Gallery or Album, you will need to do two steps: create the gallery/album and create a WordPress page on which to display it.
    First, create your albums and galleries: Create Albums by going to Gallery > Albums. This is also where you choose which galleries go in an Album. Create Galleries by going to Gallery > Add Gallery/Images > Add new gallery. Upload images by going to Admin panel > Gallery > Add Gallery/Images > Upload Images. You can upload multiple images at once and you choose which gallery to upload them into.
    Second, create pages to display your albums and galleries: Create pages with your gallery names by going to Pages > Add New. On each page where you would like to display a NextGen Album or Gallery, click on the NextGen Icon (above text box, far right). Select your gallery or album and click Insert. NextGen will insert a line of code to display your gallery. You can still add text above or below your galleries, and use all the normal formatting functions of your WordPress text editor.
  5. SET THE SLIDE SHOW ON YOUR HOME PAGE (as seen on the demos). Using the methods above, create a gallery called Home and upload images into it. Then go to the Home page, click the NextGen icon, choose your Home gallery, click slideshow, and finally click Insert. This will insert a slideshow on your homepage.
    Adjust the slideshow settings - including image size, speed, and transition style - by going to Gallery > Options > Slideshow.
  6. SET MENU AND FOOTER. Select the pages that will be displayed in the header and footer menu by going to Photocrati Theme on the lefthand menu. Select the pages that will be shown in the header and footer. Hold down CTRL for selecting multiple pages.