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Writing and Managing your content

  • Get Published - Pages and Posts
  • Categories and Tags - all of your posts should be added to a category otherwise they will not be easy to find on your site.
  • Working with tables in your post
    • If you're working on your individual Terroir Journal site, you will need to activate the plugin TinyMCE before you will see the add table option.

Images, video and linked files

[easy-instagram tag='yourgrouphashhere' ...]

  • Embed video from Vimeo or YouTube by pasting the the URL link into the content area of your page/post
  • Link to a file
  • Audio

Customize Your Site

From the Admin Bar choose Customize

Customize your header image

  • Add your own header image or logo via the Customize > Header Image
  • Pay attention to the suggested image dimensions - make sure your image is at least as wide as the suggested dimensions.

Tip: if you want a larger logo in your header

Our theme wants to set your logo to 480x60 pixels, if you want a larger logo area do the following:

  1. Make sure your image is landscape oriented
  2. In a photo editing tool like Photoshop, resize your image to have a width of 480 pixels (don't worry about the height) and save for web as web image file format (.gif, .jpg or .png)
  3. From the Customize menu add your header
  4. When asked to Crop choose Skip Cropping (note: if you don't see the "Skip Cropping" button it means your image was not properly cropped to 480px before uploading)

Sidebars (Widgets)

Sidebar content in WordPress is controlled via "Widgets". Often times if you don't anything to your side bar a default set of "widgets" will appear. You can change this by adding your own widgets.