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  • The Essential Graphics pane is the new interface for creating titles and motion graphics.

Creating Text Layers

  1. Select the Type tool (T) or Vertical Type tool from the Tools panel. 
  2. Click in the Program Monitor where you want to position your text, and start typing. 
  3. A single click creates text on a point, while a drag-and-drop creates text in a box.
  4. Use the Selection tool (V) to change the size or move a text layer.

Formatting Text

  1. Use the Selection tool (V) to select a text block in the Program Monitor.
  2. In the Essential Graphic panel you can adjust the font, font size and other formatting.

Creating Shape Layers

  1. Click and hold on the Pen tool and select the Rectangle or Ellipse tools.
  2. Click and drag on the Program Monitor to draw the shape
  3. Hold down the shift key to create a shape with locked dimensions like a square or circle.
  4. In the Essential Graphic panel you can adjust the color and other properties.

Arranging Layers

  • You might need to adjust how the layers stack if they overlap.
  • Go to the Effects Controls panel.
  • Every shape and text layer will be listed.
  • The layer at the bottom will appear on top.
    • For example if the text layer needs to appear above the rectangle layer drag the text layer to the bottom of the list.

Creating Rolls

  1. In the graphics layer in the Program Monitor make sure no individual layers are selected.
  2. Select the graphics layer in the Timeline.
  3. In the Essential Graphic panel check the box next to Roll.
  4. Specify whether the graphics should start or end off screen