3D Lab Proficiency Test

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  • The 3D Lab Proficiency involves completing a Canvas two modules and completing a hands-on proficiency with a lab aide.
    • The Canvas course has two modules; Dragonframe Basics and the 3D Proficiency.
    • Read through the 3D Lab Manual to learn more about the lab.
  • You need to be using the lab for academic purposes.
  • You need to be enrolled in an academic program or individual learning contract with a media fee.
  • Some academic programs will co-ordinate the scheduling of proficiencies.
  • If you need a proficiency that is not being arranged by the faculty fill out the Media Lab Proficiency Request Form and we will contact you about the rest of the process.

Operational Proficiency

  • During the proficiency the student will follow the steps in the Basic Animation 3D article
    • Set up the bash light.
    • Demonstrate depth of field and f-stop relationship.
    • Experiment with lighting, gels, cookies etc.
    • Change Lenses.
    • Shoot a short animation.
    • Export a video and back up the file.