3D Lab Proficiency Test

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Written Test

  • Read through the 3D Lab manual and answer the questions provided.
  • Write out the answers and bring them with you to your proficiency test. No answers, no proficiency.
  1. What is the first thing you should do when you come into the lab?
  2. What are two things you must do when you are working with messy materials in the lab?
  3. Where can you construct your sets and puppets?
  4. Can you store your sets/equipment/materials in the lab?
  5. What should you do if a bulb explodes?
  6. Is the bash light on during the hi-res image capture?
  7. When you have a complex lighting and scenery setup what should you do?
    1. Leave all your sets, lights and equipment hanging up after your scheduled time and come back and get them later so that no one else can use the space.
    2. Waste valuable animation time tearing down and setting up sets every time you have a work session.
    3. Schedule a large chunk of time with the lab aide to complete your production.
  8. Where can you save files?
  9. What should you do if you are having problems in the lab?
  10. What are four things that you must always do when you are done using the lab?

Operational Proficiency

  • During the proficiency the student will follow the steps in the Basic Animation 3D article
    • Set up bash light
    • Demonstrate depth of field and f-stop relationship.
    • Experiment with lighting, gels, cookies etc
    • Change Lenses
    • Export a video and copy to Orca or another server.