Canvas Public Index

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The Canvas Public Index is where you can locate sites available via self-enroll, such as Faculty Summer Institutes. The "public" aspect only means public within the Evergreen community, access requires an Evergreen-Canvas login.

To Access and Search the Public Index

  • Go to your Canvas Dashboard (
  • Click “Courses” in the global navigation menu (at far left)
  • In the slide-out window, click “All Courses” (may need to scroll down in window to access link)
  • At the “All Courses” page, click the “Browse More Courses” button (just under the page header)
  • At next page, use the search field and/or filter options to locate desired course(s)

Need Help?

  • When using Canvas and you encounter an issue, click on Help in the lower left corner of the Canvas site.
    • This opens a pop-up window with different help options such as:
      • Search the Canvas Guides - view help documentation by Instructure (the makers of Canvas)
      • Report a Problem - submit a help ticket via Canvas which goes to your Academic Technologies team
      • Ask the Community - a lively forum with answers to many Canvas questions
  • If you are unable to access/log in to Canvas, submit a help ticket to Academic Technologies or from the upper right corner of your MyEvergreen page.