Enable chime in Zoom meeting

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Learn how to enable a chime sound when someone enters or leaves a meeting using the Zoom web portal at evergreen.zoom.us.

Enable a chime when someone enters the meeting

    • Visit https://evergreen.zoom.us and sign in with your Evergreen username and password.
    • Select Settings from the menu
    • Scroll down until you see the option "Play sound when participants join or leave"
    • Click to toggle this option "on"
    • Once enabled, you will see additional options: who hears the chime (just the host or all attendees) and whether participants should be prompted to record their names when joining by telephone.

Enable a chime for a meeting in-progress

    • In the meeting window, click "Manage Participants"
    • At the bottom of the participant list, select "More"
    • In the "More" menu, click to enable the "Play Enter/Exit Chime" option.

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