Global Zoom Meeting Defaults

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These are the default Zoom Meeting Settings for Evergreen. You can change these at

Protecting your meeting happens when you are initially scheduling the meeting. You can also set default meeting behaviors in your profile so that every future meeting you create inherits those settings.

Evergreen's Global Zoom Meeting Defaults

The following default settings have been enabled. All other settings are Off by default. You can change any of these settings in your Personal meeting Settings.

  • Embed password in meeting link for one-click join
  • Chat - Note: Private Chat is disabled
  • Co-host - Allow the host to add co-hosts. Co-hosts have the same in-meeting controls as the host.
  • Polling - Add 'Polls' to the meeting controls.
  • Screen sharing - Only Hosts can screen share
  • Annotation
  • Whiteboard
  • Remote control
  • Nonverbal feedback
  • Virtual background

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