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Create a Process Blog at using WordPress, a web publishing platform. See an example of what you'll be building at

Create a New WordPress Site

  • Login at (each of should should already have accounts that were created last quarter)
  • Create your site by clicking "Create new blog/account" from the front page of

Change Some Important Settings

  • Change your Site's subtitle or Tagline Settings > General
  • Change the default Discussion settings Settings > Discussion
  • Change the Permalinks (URL structure) settings Settings > Permalinks to Postname - this will allow category pages to work properly
  • Change your privacy settings Settings > Privacy - by default your site is closed to the world

Writing and Managing your content

Images and linked files

  • Insert an image
  • Link to a file
  • Featured Image - Set your featured image for all posts. Featured images will appear in the global map balloons when using the Geo-mashup plugin.

Designing Your Site


Working with themes

Themes allow you to change the design of your blog at anytime. Changing your theme will not affect the primary content of your site.

  • Choose a theme - make sure to use the "feature filter" and choose a theme that supports custom menus
  • Customize your header image - some themes allow for you to add your own header image Appearance > Header Image (may only appear if your chosen theme supports custom header images)
  • Make additional changes to your theme (advanced)


Sidebar "Widgets"

Many themes support sidebar content. Often times if you don't set anything to your sidebar a default set of "widgets" will appear. You can change this by adding your own widgets.



Custom Menus - allow you to modify the navigation for your site.

  • Create a custom menu that allows navigation to daily writing practice page with weekly sub-navigation structure
  • Create a menu link to go to your global map page


Adding functionality to your site

Activate plugins to extend the core functionality of WordPress. For more about plugins see: Plugin Overview.

  • Enable the GeoMashup Google Maps plugin
    • configure to your global map page to display a category legend using the shortcode [geo_mashup_category_legend]

Embedding media

Additional Resources

Need More Help?

Still have questions or problems with WordPress, send Academic Computing a message or call the Computer Center at 360-867-6227.