Mediaworks 2015-2016 - Premiere Pro

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Here is a link to the Intro to Premiere Pro article


  • Always organize your files before importing to Premiere Pro.
    • Demonstrate AVCHD file structure
    • Demonstrate folder structure
  • Create a Premiere Pro Project
  • Import audio and video clips
  • Import an image sequence
    • HD - Digital SLR >1080p> DSLR 1080p30
    • SD - DV -NTSC Standard 48kHz
  • Review basic editing
  • i,o,j,k,l keys
  • Insert vs overwrite
  • Linking and unlinking
  • Markers
  • Scale to frame size vs set to frame size
  • Audio and opacity key framing


  • Effects pane lists all of the effects and the Effect Controls pane is where you adjust the parameters.
  • Add effects by dragging to a clip or double clicking an effects will add it to the currently selected clip.
  • The currently selected clip will show up in the Effect Controls pane where you can adjust the effects parameters.
  • Right-clicking on the FX badge on a clip in the Timeline will let you chose one effect parameter to view.
  • Almost all effects have built in masks and motion tracking
  • Ultra Key - Premiere Pro