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Color Correction vs Color Grading

  • Color correction is the process of adjusting hue, saturation, brightness and white balance to make footage look consistent.
  • Color grading is an artistic process to create a mood or style.

Color Correction

  • Corrects the color and contrast of a shot so that it looks true to life and measures correctly
  • Can adjust exposure
  • Can make footage less flat
  • Can correct a color balance issue
  • Can increase saturation
  • Can establish accuracy: make sure things in the frame and shown as they really are
  • Accuracy is especially important for skin tone
  • Can bring proper focus to elements within a frame
  • Makes sure that each shot goes with other shots from the same scene

Color Grading

  • Adds a visual palette that stylizes the image beyond correction, often providing a specific tone or emotion
  • Helps inform the audience’s perception of a scene
  • Emphasizes different climates, locations, moods, characters, and plot


  • Use the basic section to correct white balance and exposure on clips.
  • The effect can be applied to a clip in the timeline or a clip in the bin.
    • If clip is used more than once apply it to the clip in the bin.
  • Use the Creative and HSL Secondary sections for additional control.
  • To apply a "look" to a bunch of clips use an adjustment layer.
  • Always use the scopes.
  • Lumetri Color - Premiere Pro

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