Microsoft Bookings: Staff Outlook Calendar Not Syncing

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Staff calendar events in Outlook not syncing with Bookings?

Below are some common solutions:

Troubleshooting Common Calendars Sync Issues

  1. Make sure your M365 Outlook calendar is sharing busy info with people in my organization see: Troubleshooting a staff member's calendar that won't sync
  2. In the Bookings calendar, make sure to edit the staff member and verify under Availability that "Events on Office calendar affect availability" is checked

Possible Timezone Issues

If the above common solutions do not fix the problem, it's possible that time zone settings were not properly configured during initial login or are defaulting to an incorrect region. Instead of setting the time zone directly in Outlook for the web, you can opt to synchronize Outlook's date and time settings with your global Microsoft 365 settings:

  1. Open Outlook for the web
  2. access the settings icon on the upper right hand of the screen (sprocket/wheel)
  3. choose General from the settings page
  4. Under language and time toggle the button next to "Sync across Microsoft 365" to Use my Microsoft 365 settings
  5. In the new pop-up window - choose Sync Settings button
  6. Choose the Restart Outlook button
  7. Some users may need to restart the computer

Time Zones

Managing staff across multiple time zones can be tricky. This article provides some great tips: