Printing Evals and Portfolio

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Information on printing, faculty portfolios and what to do if your evals for your faculty come up blank.


Printing an Evaluation

  • While viewing a finished evaluation, navigate to the File Menu for your given browser and select "Print."
  • Alternatively hit CMD + P for Mac or CTRL + P for Windows

Faculty Portfolios

  • To print evaluation portfolios (faculty only) navigate to the bottom of a given class list and find the section labeled "Reports for your portfolio"
  • These reports generate PDFs and depending on your browser they may open directly in a new tab or window, or download to the desktop
  • If they open in browser, please use the same File > Print instructions found above

My evals of faculty portfolio is blank!

  • If you follow the instructions above to retrieve your portfolio report for "Evaluations of Faculty" but it appears blank this is due to the Assigned Evaluators setting
  • You cannot pull reports from students if you are not their assigned evaluator.
  • Once you modify the Assigned Evaluators selection (assign students to yourself) you may run the report again